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"Her Hobbies Were Hiding, And Lying About Hiding."*

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It was like a British film noir—quirky and menacing at the same time. And it was almost entirely in black&white.

A man had killed most of his family. They lived in a small housing community made up of very small fifties era houses, and they lived in several of the houses—his parents in one with one of his sisters, another sister and her husband and children in another house, an aunt and another of his sister's in a third house. The man—whose name I don't know—lived in a house by himself.

When the dream started, he had killed everyone but the aunt and the sister who lived with her. The police were aware of this, but after talking to his psychiatrist, it was decided that he should remain where he was and the aunt and sister would need to hide. Everyone knew he was planning to kill them as well. The police were still investigating.

Then something happened with the aunt, but I'm not sure what, except she was bringing home groceries in the middle of the night. She was screaming

The police showed up to investigate some more and they took the aunt back into her house to hide while the man prowled around outside and stole her groceries. The sister, who was a little gir, was hidden more carefully than before; the police wrapped her up like a box of gift candy, with bright fancy paper.

(The wrapping paper is the only part of the dream that makes any sense, and it's the only part that was in color. OK, it doesn't really make sense, but I know where it came from. I've been watching That Girl, and the wrapping paper came from a bright spangly dress she wore in an episode yesterday.)

Once the girl was wrapped up, she became an actual box of candy and they put her on a shelf in the back of a closet.

Then the police decided to trap the man and actually put him in prison, so they sent the aunt outside to walk around so he could attack her, and they put the box of candy on the front stoop. They were still hunting him when I woke up.

This is the kind of dream I've been having lately, dark and menacing and full of gloom. I also seem to have them more when I sleep on my back.

I wish I could say it seemed unrealistic, but except for the girl turning into a box of candy, it all seems more than probable, women being expected to hide while men who want to murder them roam around free.

*Shawn Spencer


Date: Wednesday, 1 March 2017 11:02 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] hoosierpeach
Sounds like a kick ass novella or short story.

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