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I've been reading about how, if Trump isn't given the presidency by the Electoral College, his supporters will become violent.

There are a couple of things wrong with that. The first is, they're already being violent, so that's not much of a threat. The second is, I don't like being extorted, and I'm particularly ticked off by an extortion that reads, "I'm going to beat you up unless you do what I tell you and even then I'm going to beat you up anyway." That's not even extortion. I don't know what that is. Maybe it's Trump extortion.

Trump supporters want to be violent. They're angry. They have a lot to be angry about—the delusional ones who think Trump is going to save them from the liberal elite do, anyway; we share a lot of the same anger-inducing situations: health care issues, job issues, things like that. They think Trump is going to save them and I know Trump is only going to make things worse for them. But they hate-hate-hate liberals, so it's not possible we could make things better for them. We're the ones who make things bad for them now. And we always will be.

We're looking at a red Presidency, red House, red Senate, and maybe a red Supreme Court. And if that comes to pass, things are going to get incredibly bad for anyone living paycheck to paycheck. And you know who the Teabaggers will blame?


Really. They will stand there, watching their designated saviors pass laws that take money, security, and health from them and they will blame the people fighting them. They will blame Obama (don't laugh, they blame him for 9/11). It will be all our fault.

Because we are in an abusive relationship with Teabaggers. The boss beats them up at work and they come home and beat us up. And then we're told by everybody outside what we did to deserve it. (I recently read that Trump is the fault of Democrats because we've been smug. Sound familiar? "And what did you say that provoked him to hit you, Mrs. Blue?")

And we try and find a way to help them because it's what we do because we're liberals. We want to save ourselves and everybody else. We want the world to be a better place and we think if it is, people will be better to each other and maybe even us.

I have my doubts. I know we have to save them; there are too many of them not to save and still save the country. But I do wish most of them would just drive the hell off a cliff. They aren't going to become nicer people and they're never going to be nice to us and I'm fed up with them.

*Joe Curren

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